Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 42 | A tired dog is a good dog, unless you're Lacy. Then you're good all the time.

Jovial Heart.

Lacy, on the couch, after a long run at the park.

Charm, left side, left leg slowly inching.

Day 42... close the gap, kindle the canine bond between two females, one we can only try to understand through a human lens.

A deep sigh, Lacy always knows when I am talking abut her, writing about her, or even, well, thinking about her!

Last weekend, Lacy had 2 wonderful humans foster her for a few days—THANK YOU Sharon & Barb! :) Here's Lacy, totally cool & acclimated on the first day she was there, hanging out with her new buddies. I was so proud of her.

She truly is a gentle giant, happy as a clam to be lounging with the family or resting quietly on her bed (or, the couch!). She did ask first, before she snuggles up on the couch. Lacy is a quick learner, we now keep our bedroom door open and we haven't seen any bed-hopping since the first time when set the boundary.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 22 | Unleashed.

Minnehaha Park

To be 100% honest, I wasn't sure what to expect on our adventure to Minnehaha Park this past weekend. But, when the weather rose above 40 degrees, I decided it was about time we put on our snowshoes and went for a hike.

Boy, was I happy we did!

Lacy and I hiked for about 2 1/2 hours, taking our time in between the stillness of the trees and seclusion of a trail still untraveled, and reveling in the jovial romp with all the 4-legged friends who smiled, as we did, at the beautiful day.

We now have an unspoken language between us... the "I trust you if you trust me" eye contact that keeps us connected. Literally, unleashed, Lacy kept a radius of about 25-30 feet of me at all times, with a watchful, unobtrusive eye. Puppies and dogs of all sizes and personalities came wizzing or slowly trotting by—each time we all stopped to say a curious hello and in some cases a clown-like romp!

Of course, when the white, dingo-like, frisky mutt came bounding up to Lacy, and felt the desire to lick her chops and gums quite thoroughly, Lacy -- with much more grace and style than I would have had -- waited patiently for the little guy to quench that urge.

After our adventure, we treated ourselves to a relaxing evening. True to form, a tired dog is a happy dog. And that goes for humans, too.

Lacy is looking for her Forever Home! If you are interested in adopting her and would like to meet this lovely gal, please visit Pet Haven's website or her Petfinder profile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 14 | Wink, often...

Want to meet Lacy?
She's ready to meet you this Saturday at the Pet Haven Black Dog Adoption Event at the Richfield Petco, from 10am to 12pm.

I can't help but smile every time I look at this picture. Honestly, what is Lacy thinking about as she winks at the camera? Rawhides? Long walks? Ear scratches & snuggles? Only she knows!

Lacy was invited to the studio of Sarah Beth Photography this weekend to have her mug taken for this weekend's adoption event. Little did I know she was so photogenic!

What can I say... she is quickly stealing my heart. On a walk today, we met a gentleman who adored Lacy and thought she'd be the perfect fit for his friend. As we exchanged info, I felt a pang in my heart, at once a feeling of joy for Lacy, and already wistful at the idea of her leaving us... of no longer being the recipient of the "Lacy-nudge", of starting each day with her giant smile, of learning from her graceful & thoughtful steps, of keeping her pace as we jog across the Stone Arch Bridge, of her clown-like silliness...

...but, I know that all these things I love about her will be embraced by her new family, someday soon.

Life is short. Wink often!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 8 | the Inauguration of Lacy

Lacy will be at the Pet Haven Adoption Event:
Saturday, January 31st.
PetCo Richfield
66th & Lyndale Ave. S.

It's not often that we get to experience history being made. Yesterday, it wasn't just the inauguration of our 44th President. It was also the inauguration of Lacy.

One week into her stay with us, she has proven and disclosed a few of her secrets and attributes. Each and every one of her movements and actions is filled with purpose and intent. With slow, steady movements, she has earned the nickname "gentle giant." In moments of puppy-like playfulness, she exhibits bursts of joy & wonder that are lit up by her bright smile and uncontrollable oscillating hips.

A Calm and Alert Companion
She has become unconditionally loyal (a very important attribute of the rottweiler breed). In less than a week, she has at once adjusted to the patterns of our household. Undemanding, she waits patiently for her meals and her treats. A simple stroll to our front door (accompanied by a stare-down until we lock eyes) is her way of telling us "Hey, it's time I went out to do my business!"

A Natural Clown
Her curiosity is jovial... play dates in the snow bring out her ability to surprise us with her kid-like charm. Who would have thought she's stick her nose (no, wait, her whole head) in the snow drifts and toss snow in the direction of her nearest person? Or, that she'd gallop across the snow drifts, mouth agape, seemingly drinking in the snow?

"Judge Lacy"
True to rottie form, Lacy is in touch with her "Judge" side. She keeps a constant watch over us and our home, meandering from window to front door when something catches her ear... following us in an unobtrusive way to be sure we are protected. When our little one, Charm, barks or gets excited, Lacy is immediately by her side nuzzling her to be sure everything is ok, as if she is saying we are all safe "on her watch."

Like all of us, Lacy did not choose her physical being. She did not decide to be born a Rottie, an often misunderstood breed, with her 80b frame and deep black coat. Like most of us, trust is earned and the benefit of the doubt is a given. At the inauguration of Lacy, I was able to rub her belly. Indeed, she rolled over onto her side, hind legs in the air, belly exposed, smiling.

In a simple look shared between us, we realized that this was a time of change—a new dawn for a refreshed beginning with positive outlooks and fair, democratic persistence.

Ofcourse, in all fairness, Lacy is a working dog, and needs a job to do. Enter in her favorite past-time, the king-sized Kong!

Lacy is up for adoption with Pet Haven Inc. of MN.
For more information, you can visit her profile on Petfinder.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 1 | Lacy comes home

Lacy is single and ready to love!

Embraced by Pet Haven for the past year and a half, she is ready to find her forever home. Until then, my instinct tells me that she will only win our hearts. And for as much love, security and consistency we can offer her, she will return with unconditional love & loyalty—with a memorable stay that will teach us a life lesson or two, ones that will sneak up & touch us when we least expect them.

Lacy came home on January 15th.
What compelled me to drive out to the suburbs to meet Lacy? Armed with only her Petfinder profile and a few pictures, there I was, suddenly standing at Auntie Ruth's, holding a hot pink leash with an 84lb rottweiler smiling at the other end. We were going home.

The first test.
Ofcourse, she did have to pass a test - we knew Charm, our resident dog, would have to give us the ok. I brought Charm to meet Lacy, too, and the deal was done. I'm not saying these 2 gals are peas in a pod... but something more like Laverne & Shirley, with Charm's 25lb figure more like a "mini-me" to Lacy's rottie 85lb stance. Here they are, patiently awaiting rawhide handouts in our kitchen, on our first night together.

Would our lives be shaken upside-down by this new addition? Or would we all find a new balance -- while giving this gal a new beginning, with a different ending, to what may have been?

What will tomorrow bring? Will Lacy like it here? How will walks and playtimes go? Will we constantly be stepping over 110lbs of furry bliss?

Follow this blog for the day-to-day adventures of life fostering Lacy, our new belle of the ball.